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Baby Looks Like Who?

August 7, 2013

Families often playfully argue over whether baby looks more like mom or dad. It may not be the most important question new parents have, but it can be the most fun if you visit

Parents simply upload a picture of mom, dad, and baby. They can then invite friends and family to vote on who most resembles their baby either sharing via email or social media. To gain even greater transparency and accuracy, the general public can also visit the Just Like Who? website and vote on families from around the world, to provide unbiased and diverse results.

"As parents, my wife and I were struck by the inconsistency in the comments about the resemblance of our children. And in our home, it became a playful bone of contention. With all the uncertainty in life, it's important for parents to gain some honest insight into whether their child looks more like them or their spouse. Silly or not, it's important," says David Repas, creator of Just Like Who?



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