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Kids Speak Out on Obesity

June 25, 2010

Overweight: What

Kids Say by Dr. Robert A. Pretlow features comments and perspectives from young people on weight, eating habits, body image and a host of related topics as revealed through their messages on the weight-loss Web site

Founded by the author, Weigh2Rock is an open-access Web site for overweight adolescents to post messages and discuss issues related to their health and self-image. The book features selections from more than 134,000 unique comments posted on the site by young people about being overweight - their stories, struggles and successes. According to the anonymous comments, many kids report overeating for emotional comfort.

Pretlow believes that for most this behavior appears to be unconscious. He goes on to assert that "they struggle to resist cravings for junk food knowing full well the destructive effects of weight gain on their social lives and health." Pretlow argues that the comments point to food addiction as a leading cause of childhood obesity.

Overweight: What Kids Say is available for sale online at and other channels.



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